Cliente: Rete d’impresa dei vignaioli di Trieste, Istria e Carso e GAL Carso / Direzione creativa: Massimiliano Milic / Regia: Massimiliano Milic e Fulvio E. Bullo / Copywriter: Enrico Maria Milic / DoP: Fulvio E. Bullo / Riprese aggiuntive: Massimiliano Milic / Riprese drone di Michele Pupo e Matteo Michelutti / Editing: Fulvio E. Bullo, Massimiliano Milic e Michele Pupo


The network of winemakers of Trieste, Istria and Carso brings together thirteen winemakers from the Adriatic Sea area, including high-sounding names such as Benjamin Zidarich, who with the help of the European institution GAL Carso have joined together with the main goal to promote their companies and local products .

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In the spring of 2020, GAL CARSO entrusted us with the development of a series of videos on winegrowers who live and work between Trieste, Istria and the Karst area.

GAL requested to produce videos that are halfway between documentary and commercial purposes. These "Farmer&Artist" videos were not meant to be a pure promotional spot, but rather a sort of personal story of each individual winemaker.

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To meet the goals set by the GAL Carso, we divided the work into three phases: pre-production, production and post-production.

In the pre-production phase, between May and June 2020, our copywriter Enrico Maria Milic listened to the individual stories of these winemakers and farmers, collecting their dreams, motivations and personal anecdotes to bring them together in a series of screenplays.

With the scripts completed, our production team conducted location scouts to identify and select the most suitable locations for each video; places where every winemaker felt at ease and which - photographically - told the story of his farm.

In July 2020 the shooting of the first five winemakers and farmers started: Rado Kocjancic, Damijan Milic, Bruno Lenardon and Dimitri Cacovich. Filming concluded in September 2020, including iconic events for each winery such as the grape harvest, but also the honey and olive harvest (of which the EVO oil with the native Bianchera variety is made) which distinguish part of the business of these farmers.

The post-production phase lasted three months. The “Farmer&Artist” docu-spots were released in December 2020 to be used as promotional videos to help the online sale of these farmers' products on the website. Trieste.Green.

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