We don't make just videos.

We are a group of creatives that we would like to know who you really are.

As creatives and filmmakers we create advertising videos with a strong narrative component, because we believe that every company brand has a story to tell and that every story needs an effective communication strategy to be shared.

We always offer our client a leading role, placing him at the center of our listening, with all his needs and points of view. Before even defining the goals, we want to understand the company, the background, the history and the territory in which he operates.

Together with the client, we develop a creative idea and the best strategy for promoting video content on social networks, online or on the platform that best suits its needs.

We bring ideas to life by creating content that reflects the customer's needs. We use latest generation technologies: video cameras, drones with ENAC certified pilots and softwares for post-production that are always up to date.

Promotion and distribution
Our work does not end there. We help the customer in the content promotional phase: social media, web or television according to needs for advertising and help to get in touch with distributors for movies.


Terroir Films supports Italian and foreign productions in the shooting of fiction and documentary movies. As a production company, we follow the production in all its phases, from development to post-production.

Our company takes care of the logistical support in the search for locations, in the selection of the artistic and technical cast and in the request for tax credit and regional, national and foreigners funding.


Terroir Films has a 300 mq (3229 ft) studio for advertising and cinematographic purposes. The Studios are located in Trieste, just next to the higway. A large parking, access to cinema vans and several empty rooms are available. The Studios are in a partnership with Videoest, owner of the building.