Clients: Promoturismo FVG / Comune di Trieste / Proloco Sappada

Director: Massimiliano Milic

DOP: Fulvio E. Bullo

Script: Massimiliano Milic e Fulvio E. Bullo

Drone: Michele Pupo

Editor: Giulio Ainzara

Colour: Alessandro Marchetti


Promoturismo FVG is the tourism board of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region in Italy. This public authority needed to advertise some of the best-known and most important places in this region on the social media and television commercials.

Sappada Experience cast


Between 2018 and 2019 Promoturismo FVG proposed to our production company to create a series of promotional videos for promotional purposes of Trieste, Sappada and Lignano Sabbiadoro.

Trieste is the capital of the region and is a well-known seaside and cultural resort. Sappada is a mountain town dedicated to sports and culinary tourism. Lignano Sabbiadoro is one of the most important and most visited beaches in Italy.

Trieste Turismo fvg 13



To talk about Trieste we asked ourselves a mainquestion: who is the common tourist who arrives in Trieste? A lover of the sea, someone who likes arts and culture or maybe a sportsperson.

We started from the brief assigned by the client and then we developed a creative idea. Here we realized, with an analysis of datas, that Trieste had to be told and seen not only as a seaside city, but also as a cultural and "green" location where you can do various outdoor activities.We therefore proposed to the client to give space to the Karst, the hill area that surrounds the city, and to the cultural activities that Trieste offers with its historic cafés and the narrow streets in the nearby town of Muggia. Our proposals were approved and we were able to work on the script and storyboard. The name chosen for the video was "Trieste Experience" to highlight the experiences that could be had in and around Trieste.

At the same time we selected the most congenial locations for us and the cast. Two young actors have entered the cast despite the target group who visit Trieste is aged around 35-40 and older. Our choice was based on artistic reasons: for us young people represent the future for us. A future that we see positive for Trieste given the great media and tourist attention that the newspapers and guides have given to the capital of Friuli Venezia Giulia in recent years.

After the pre-production phase, we moved on to the production which took place between the months of July and August. The post-production lasted almost two months, including the creation of an ad hoc music track.


The purpose of the video for Sappada was to convey the area as a destination for couples with children interested in outdoor activities such as hiking, bike riding but also in getting to know the typical products and dishes of the area.

In the pre-production we did a scouting location to the most iconic and evocative locations in Sappada indicated by the client and Proloco Sappada. Thanks to this scouting, we had to chance to clear out what we wanted to include or exclude in the copywriting phase. Here we decided on the cut to give to the commercial: the story in one day of all the activities in which a family can take part in Sappada. From the visit to the waterfalls, to walks in the mountains among the animals up to the tasting of cheeses from the local farm.

For the selection of the cast we strongly wanted people who came from Sappada and its surroundings because we believed that, driven by a sense of belonging to the place, they would be more motivated to star and film in the video.

We then moved on to the production phase which lasted three days. Finally, we worked in post-production integrating animations with field shots.


Two types of tourists flock to the beaches of Lignano Sabbiadoro every year: families and young people in their twenties. Two targets that have different interests and habits. Right from the start, in the pre-production phase, it became clear to us at Terroir Films and to the marketing department of Promoturismo FVG that we had to make more than one video.It would have been difficult to compress two stories, two situations, two types of entertainment different from each other. In addition to this, the possibility of producing two or more commercials gave us the opportunity to cover more locations in Lignano Sabbiadoro.

From this choice we decided to make three promotional videos: one for the family, one for young people and one - with the aim of being advertised on television - which combines the two "experiences". Next, we focused on the script. A script that had the intention of telling the typical Lignano holiday. The scouting that we carried out simultaneously with the screenplay phase allowed us to visualize what we were writing and imagining on paper. Finally, we did a short casting whose actors necessarily had to reflect the target of our commercials.

Production took place in August and lasted for two weeks. On the first week we filmed the scenes for the family experience; the second one we filmed and told the experience from the point of view of a young couple in Lignano.We shot in August because we wanted to give a greater authenticity to the scenes: this is the most popular month for tourists in Lignano. The images created alternate with shots on the ground and with the drone. The shots with the camera on the ground were intended to highlight the experience of our hypothetical tourists. For example, for the video dedicated to young people we have chosen to highlight summer sports such as windsurfing and beach volleyball up to evening entertainment such as concerts on the beach and disco dancing. Instead, the use of the drone was designed to tell the landscapes and places of Lignano, from the emblematic red lighthouse to the sea shell-shaped terrace.

The post-production of the three promotional videos lasted almost two months between editing, color correction and sound editing.

Lignano Sabbiadoro Experience